Founder of Ethical Era:
Florence Kollie Raja

Florence Kollie Raja is the founder and director of Ethical Era. Kollie Raja is the creator of the 2030 Positive Planet Agenda: “mapping sustainability” concept and “sustainability metrics standardisation proposal”.

Kollie Raja came to the sustainability sector via her public sector work where she worked with the UK Parliament, European Parliament and Local Government for a decade. Kollie Raja has a deep knowledge of the political landscape (national and international) and extensive experience working with policymakers.

Kollie Raja has in the past been shortlisted for Red Magazine Women of the year award – Political Category.

Kollie Raja additionally spent a decade plus working in Business Development in the Finance & Consulting Sector working for companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Goldman Sachs and M&G Real Estate specialising in Alternative Assets within Asset Management. Kollie Raja also has experience in strategy and leadership of external and internal restructuring projects, rebranding and repositioning strategy and change management strategy.

Having originally trained as a ballet dancer before university studies, Kollie Raja has a strong passion for the Arts Sector and sits on various arts and creative industries related boards with a deep understanding of performing arts.

Kollie Raja to date has worked across five industries during the tenure of her career and has first hand international experience having lived in Africa, Eastern Europe (Russia/Ukraine) and the UK.

Prior to Ethical Era, Florence spent five years researching and testing sustainability concepts in fashion at a Start up level which led her to explore all factors relating to sustainability and climate change with a specialisation in sustainable fashion. Kollie Raja is also a founder of a Sustainable Fashion Platform which will be launched in 2019.

‘...Sustainability is not threatening nor is it impossible. Sustainability is exploration and innovation on par with any other great movement of our time.

Sustainability will shape and determine the future of our world as much as if not more than Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

If we start to understand the magnitude and possibility of Sustainability then it will all feel less daunting and far more plausible, transformative and dare I say as exciting as AI.’

Florence Kollie Raja- Founder of Ethical Era

Elena Pirogova-Mares Photography